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1st Aid Items

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Qty: Price: $32.99

CAT Tourniquet
Item ID: EFA-611

Qty: Price: $8.99

Curved Hemostat Curved Hemostat

Qty: Price: $2.00

Curved Hemostat Tweezers Tweezers

Qty: Price: $1.25

Tweezers EMT Scissors EMT Scissors

Qty: Price: $3.99

EMT Scissors 4”x36” Universal Splint 4”x36” Universal Splint CAT Touniquet CAT Touniquet Self Adherent Wrap Self Adherent Wrap

Qty: Price: $1.99

Self Adherent Wrap 4"x36" Universal Splint
Item ID: EFA-625
Item ID: EFA-506
Item ID: EFA-318
Item ID: EFA-311
Item ID: EFA-312
QuikClot QuikClot

Qty: Price: $15.99

QuikClot Sponge Moleskin Moleskin

Qty: Price: $7.99

Moleskin (Pre-Cut Blister Dressing) Decompression Needle Decompression Needle

Qty: Price: $13.90

Decompression Needle
Item ID: EFA-409
Item ID: FO-57-796
Item ID: EFA-619