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1st Aid Kits

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Contents: 1 ea Trauma Dressing 4” 1 pr Nitril Glove 2 ea Sterile Compressed Gauze 1 ea EMT Shears 1 ea Lip Balm 1 ea Quick Clot 25g 1 ea Self Adherent Bandage 3” 1 ea Tape 1”x10 yds 1 ea Triangular Bandage Available Pouch Colors: Black  EFA-F187-BLK Coyote Tan  EFA-F187-COY OD Green  EFA-F187-ODG Red  EFA-F187-RED No Pouch - Contents Only  EFA-F187C

Qty: Price: $58.99

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IFAK Without a Pouch $43.99
Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)
Platoon 1st Aid Kit Platoon 1st Aid Kit
Contents: 2 ea Bandage Gauze 4”x 4.1 yds 4 pr Antiseptic Wipes 4 pr Alcohal Wipes 4 pr Iodine Wipes 5 ea 2”x2” Guaze Pads 1 ea 2” Elastic Bandage 1 ea 4” Pressure Bandage 1 ea Pill Bottle 16 ea 1”x3” Bandage Strips 2 pr Exam Gloves 2 ea Roll of Tape 10 ea Pain Reliever 1 ea Instant Ice Pack 5 ea Absorbent Pad 5”x9” 2 ea First Aid Cream 1 pr Scissors 1 ea Tweezers 1 ea Lip Balm Available Pouch Colors: Black  EFA-F181-BLK Coyote Tan   EFA-F181-COY OD Green   EFA-F181-ODG Red   EFA-F181-RED No Pouch - Contents Only   EFA-F181C

Qty: Price: $27.99

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Kit Without a Pouch $15.00
EFA-F181 - Contents Fox Outdoor Pouch - OD Green Fox Outdoor Pouch - Black Fox Outdoor Pouch - Coyote Tan Fox Outdoor Pouch - MultiCam Surgical Set Surgical Set
Contents: 2 ea Straight Hemostat 1 ea Curved Hemostat 1 ea Pair of Scissors 1 ea Pair of Tweezers 1 ea #3 Scalpel Handle 1 ea 2 Scapel Blades 1 ea Holder 1 ea Suture Set 1 ea Needle Probe 2 ea Alcohal Wipes 2 ea BZK Wipes 1 ea Pen Light Available Pouch Colors: Black  EFA-80122-BLK OD Green  EFA-80122-OD

Qty: Price: $24.99

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